About us

Stay Wild is our dream project where we hoped to combine the raw beauty and abundance of nature with modern comforts.  We built this for those that enjoy being immersed in nature and prefer an experience that is rich in nature and beauty.  Come and trying modern glamping with us in our tiny home.  

This house was designed as a perfect combination for my family to enjoy nature well sometimes being able to be within the comforts of modern amenities.We tried to create a home that was small and efficient and that would create a minimal footprint in the jungle yet provide a maximum amount of viewing space to truly appreciate the nature we’re in.My family and I find ourselves staring out of the windows and watching the monkeys play and being right in nature and seeing it for all its beauty while laying in bed.It’s something that we find very special and we hope to share it with you and your family or friends.

Walter R. Wild- Founder 

The house is really great - a very quaint atmosphere! It is about 100-200m from the beach and located in the jungle - so it is always very pleasantly cool on the property! Walter is super helpful, gave us many great tips and did everything to make sure we had a lovely stay - thank you!

My boyfriend and I stayed here for a week and fell in love! Walter and Cristy are great hosts! Walter gave excellent recommendations for restaurants and things to do and very responsive. The house was perfect for two people. Literally in the middle of the jungle and it is beautiful. We highly recommend Arboloco, Oaysis BnB, Dosha for breakfast, Ciao Pizza, La Coralina for BLD is great too and have live music on Wed 530-7p. You will see a lot of stray dogs in the area, very sweet, we are animal lovers so always gave them some food. Beautiful private coves you can relax and enjoy the sun! Sunscreen is a must. Coconut oil instead of bug spray is also a must! Town of Panama is about a 20 min drive, it is a bumpy ride but it's all apart of the experience. Other places we recommend: La Buga, Coquitos Beach - pizza is amazing, Receta Michila. There are lot of healthy/vegan places as well! Thank you Cristy and Walter for a great experience at Stay Wild!

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